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I designed this website for my family and friends in hoping that this could be a place to get some good recipes. I wanted to build a website that didn't have a lot of text about why this recipe is the best and the never-ending stream of pop-up ads. Additionally, many recipes online are broken up too much to get a full view of the ingredients and the directions. I hope that this website becomes a useful and easy alternative to other websites. Even though there may be few recipes up now, I am sure to put as many as I possibly can up here shortly.

I have several recipes in my phone and, for the most part, they work, but I always wanted to have an easier way to access my recipes. This website is what came to mind. I wanted this website to be mobile friendly and printer friendly and I did my best to design it for easy use in whatever format chosen.

What I plan to do next is to add more recipes on this website, a sign-in option to add your favorite recipes to your own page, and to add a drop-box for even easier access to a recipe from an other website.

Thank you for choosing this website as a means of getting recipes and I hope that the meals you choose from this website taste as good as they look.

Quick Cook Book

Developed by Michael Hunter
Created: Aug 3, 2020
Email: mhunter8291@gwu.edu

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